Baguettes, betting and beer

After two seasons with no blogging it's time to try again. Now just as teams appoint new managers, make summer signings and refurb the stadium then so the fan should make changes to improve that day out. The football takes care of itself. It's the travel and peri-match activity that's in your remit.

We have the theme baguettes, bets and beer. A simple alliteration. The half time snack is the baguette. It's a matter of your food staying together and not spilling or being crushed. Stay off the chips. The bets adds another level of interest. Gambling is maths stack against you. More losers than winners. Keep it within a budget and don't expect to win in the long run. As for beer make it good beer.

Last season I went to 67 games. Standing, sitting, even lying down. This season it'll probably be about the same number. Being there in all that weather can throw at you.

I'm through with match reports. Others do that better. Instead I'm going to write about how technology has changed football for the fan. That's that social media stuff, the smartish phone, the comfort of radio and the inane, infuriating commentary of Tv.  Bring on the gadgetry.

To be continued......

Back to Seat 275

United 3-2 Fulham
Premiership 2012/13; attendance 75,352

Leaving the match
It was a "When Saturday Morning Comes" moment. A frisson of excitement with the first home game of the Premiership season. How many seasons have I done? Lots of them but the magic returns. There is that August optimism of a long thrilling league schedule and trophies in May. It was soon tempered by getting a thorough soaking on the way to the ground.

Sat in wet jeans for two hours. Oh well what's a bit a dampness. But we saw Usain Bolt on the pitch. He gets a standing ovation, he does the photo opportunities, he gets more applause, he speaks, he gets more applause. Fergie, Fergie sign him up they sing.

Let's get to the football. It's like I've never been away. Might have seen four Olympic football matches here this summer but this is the real thing. New players but it all falls into a familiar United pattern.

Concede a goal early on, I ask you a soft one straight from the training ground. Then start playing better. Go ahead, go into cruise mode. Concede another goal and then have twenty minutes of tension hoping there isn't another defensive mistake. I used to think two goal cushions were enough to settle a match. You now need four to put it beyond reach. Don't enjoy 3-2 scorelines when a disappointing one home point could be from the next visitors' attack.

The match report "Robin van Persie crowned his full debut for Manchester United with a stunning first goal for his new club in a nervy win against Fulham."

The other familiar thing is the injuries, this week it was Rooney stretchered off for four weeks. Your heart sinks when you read that key players will not be available but take a measure of relief, and dare I write pleased, that rival teams will be facing the same lack of choice.

Watched it all again on BBC Match of The Day. They've already put their money on a two horse race between the two teams from Manchester for the title. I don't think so it's never that simple.

Alty Start the Season Badly

Altrincham 1-4 Brackley Town
Conference North; attendance 716

Kilts in the terraces
A return to Moss Lane after a season away. The last time I saw Altrincham they were a Conference national side. Brackley Town are new to me, being a former Southern League side, and off my radar. They are from Oxfordshire, they've got a few quid from the Alan Leighton, the rich bloke who couldn't fix Royal Mail. Checked their website, and besides having junior and ladies teams also run an Aunt Sally team. That's a game unknown up here in the north but I once saw it on BBC Countryfile. Simple rules to follow and skill that can only come from practice. It would fit nicely in my garden.

Had lunch at the Green House, vegetarian cafe up the road. It's old school veggie, bit stodgy, very filling and no room for a beer afterwards. Next time I'll try the Yara, a Lebanese & Syrian restaurant on the same Oxford Road if I can drag the Biffa herself along.

Brief match report. Brackley go one up with a penalty, didn't look like it to me but the ref had a different view. Alty equalise with one of the best goals I've seen for ages from a young lad called Duncan Whitmore. I'm getting a full commentary standing next to a talkative Altrincham supporter who knows all the players, who they've played for and other endless stats. Think I'll go somewhere else for the second half. He has a flask of tea or something at half time.

Second half Brackley ramp up the pressure and the home side concede, and concede, oh and another near the end, making it four in all. Sections of the crowd show their displeasure at the performance with words like "disgrace" and "clueless".

Interesting bits. An old bloke who supports Brackley wandering around. He's shrunk to about five foot with age, smokes a pipe, a hat full of badges, and a walking stick. Does more chatting to the locals than watching the game. Hope someone is taking him safely home tonight. I also like the banter with supporters and players warming up along the touchline. It makes it family.

Well Altrincham have to improve to stay in this division. It's better I stay away 'cos they never win when I'm here. But Moss Lane is a great place to be on a sunny afternoon.

Admission £13; weekend tram ticket £5 (can use it on Sunday as well to go anywhere on the network)

Summer Evening Match

West Didsbury & Chorlton 1-1 Northwich Villa
North West Counties League Division One; attendance 94

Evening game
Took the opportunity of a warm summer evening. We've not had many of those this year. Strolled over the road to watch a game, enjoy a beer and chat to some those connected with the club. It's more an atmosphere of village cricket. All the shouting is done by the players on the pitch.

There are three teams in Northwich but only one actually plays there and that's Witton Albion. The long established Northwich Victoria are exiled at Stafford Rangers, and Northwich Villa now occupy Flixton's old ground. It's a sorry tale. Both clubs are controlled by Jim Rushe and he's here watching proceedings.

Both teams are evenly matched. Northwich Villa get a penalty and go up after ten minutes, and Wests peg it back at about 38 minutes. There are a few more chances for either side to win it but nobody scores.

Sat here in a t-shirt and can't help thinking of the winter time ahead, for football really is a dark and sometimes cold and wet winter game. Will I be here then, or will I stay in over the road, with trash Tv and the internet? The next night it was raining so that made the opportunity of enjoying that summer evening even more special.

Admission £3; beer £3.

Start of FA Cup 2012-13

Irlam 5-3 Hallam
F.A. Cup Extra Preliminary Round; attendance 102

Irlam FC
Well I picked a good one. Irlam founded in 1969 against the Sheffield club with the oldest ground in the world. Only we're not a Sandygate but at the top of Silver Street in a small housing estate.

Possibly one of the friendliest grounds I've ever been to. Really pleased to see you, and my first time ever visit. Now eight goals, fine weather, open attacking play, a decent cup of tea...non-league doesn't get better than this.

Sat down for the first half, stood behind goal for the second. That's me thinking there would be an avalanche into the nets after the home side were at 4-2 at half time.

Irlam is a sprawl down the old road to Liverpool. It used to be a village, used to have a steel works which I once visited on a school trip, and a factory that made margarine and soap for the co-op. Both those products use the same ingredients. All that has gone and barely a trace left.

As for the ground. A concrete fence keeps it all enclosed. That consists of numerous shipping containers dotted about for a bar, tractor shed, equipment store. The players get a brick building.

Admission £4; programme £1.50, raffle tickets £1, cup of tea 80p. Tram/train ticket Rail Zone 2 was £4.80. Bus £2.10 there, but only £1.50 back - they make the prices up. Bit of a journey and not sure I picked the best route.

First Game Foot of Pyramid

West Didsbury & Chorlton 2-3 Formby
North West Counties League Division 1; attendance 108
West Didsbury v Formby

Returned from Olympic Football at Old Trafford. Tired, it hadn't been a great match. So, over the road for back to basics close-up non-league. West Didsbury facing Formby in their first ever match at a higher level. Would you believe it the sun came out and I'd forgotten my sunglasses. Sat with some the neighbours behind the goal. Gossip and a drama unfolding before you. One hour it is Japan and Egypt in a plastic seat and no leg room, next it is watching visitors nicknamed The Squirrels (Formby is famous for being a home of the red squirrels) and a whole ground to walk around.

A game of three halves. Formby to up at half time, in the bag. Wests back in it with two goals in the second half. Formby miss a penalty, that's the photo. But they put the pressure on and scored in the last minute from a direct free kick. Wasn't even a good free kick, knee height, nobody dealt with it and so no points for the home side.

The NWCFL invited snappers to upload photos to Flickr, and put them in their pool. Fired a few down the wires. Checked later but the whole section was swamped with someone who had uploaded every snap he'd taken at a St. Helens game. Why do these people think you'd want to see hundreds of action snaps from one match? The digital equivalent of someone who demands you see all their holiday snaps or a heavy tome wedding album. Just pick out your best ten, even that is too many, for less is more.

Well I'll be back here in a week or so for the first mid week match against Northwich Villa. Going to like this on my doorstep. Travel time two minutes.

Download Football Programme

FC United programme in IPhone

Football programmes don't sell like they used to. Football programmes, I've got hundreds of them. Why do I keep them? Guess I'm a hoarder, not going to read them again, but can't bear to part with them.

Then FC United of Manchester are piloting a downloadable PDF of the programme one hour before kick off. So i bought one. It cost 1 GBP. Wasn't at the game it was a friendly against a Blackburn Rover XI. Listened to the online FCUM Radio until the Great Britain v. Uruguay match picked up the pace in the second half.

It's not a new it's been done before and not been a shouting success. I can think of FA Cup Finals, Manchester United tried it, so have Wigan Athletic, even Guildford made one available after they sold out of paper ones last March.

However there was been a technical sea change and it is the tablet. It reads well one my iPad. Comfy seat, sit back and plough through it in minutes. Much better than hunched over a laptop. It's not so good on my iPhone. Fiddly, zoom in, zoom out. If you were at the match it would take ages to download the 17Mb and wouldn't work at Old Trafford were the 3G signal is mostly unobtainable.

But the concept is good for the armchair army. TV or radio and you have the match programme too. Even better no clutter in the house.

Euro Friendly Fixture

West Didsbury & Chorlton 3-1 Welshpool Town
Pre-Season Friendly; attendance estimated at 50

Friendly fixture
For the first time ever I had to pay to get in this ground. It'll be paying from now on when the NW Counties League kicks off here next Saturday. Bit confused for a while as to which team was which? West Didsbury played in their away kit of claret and blue whilst Welshpool had the colours white and black of West Didsbury. Totally different home side to the match that was played here the other week. That was apparantly mostly the reserves, these were bigger and fitter lads. It showed in their passing ability.

If I am to venture over the road to this ground more often this season then I'm going to have to bring a seat. The old knees have been playing up of late. The only seating is behind the goal at the clubhouse end which can be okeh but side on is better here.

Welshpool are from the Spar Mid Wales League Division 1 and is run by the supporters. The team travelled here on a big coach. I think this is the 4th non-league Welsh team I've seen though none of the players seamed to be shouting in a Welsh accent.

So after coming from a goal down from a penalty in the first few minutes West Didsbury took control of the game and eventually won. But it is a friendly after all were results don't matter.

Admission £2; programme £1. Then nipped through a neighbour's garden to get home in time for the Olympics football of England Women v. Cameroun Women. Endless watching of sport, literally relentless.

Olympics at Old Trafford

Great Britain 1-1 Senegal
Olympic Group A; attendance 71,102 GB Fan
The tickets were a double header of this match and an earlier Uruguay v. UAE. But after recent late nights and early starts at work it would have been too much to sit for five hours in a football stadium. The main thing was to actually see an Olympic event, and see Great Britain, possibly just that once in my lifetime. It was a match that Great Britain should have won, but failed to settle it with a second goal. Knocking hopeful balls over the top to avoid playing through the pitch wasn't the best tactic. Liked all the announcements in French and then English. It gave it a European atmosphere, almost Eurovision song contest.

The big screens showing the action replays is a feature at a lot of top grounds but rarely installed at Old Trafford. Well not when you can sell seats in that space. Very welcome. Good to see Giggs in form, and then there was Craig Bellamy. He got a mixed reception at the start but went off to heroes ovation. Bad boy to get all the boos was there No.2 Saliou. Surprised he was allowed to stay on the pitch. Premiership refs work a lot stricter control than this competition.

The much rumoured slow security checks didn't happen. Put everything from your pockets in a see through bag which they don't even look at. The list of banned items includes cats, dogs and skateboards. Only interested in patting you down in half hearted way. Not much Olympic tat on sale and the United Megastore was closed.

It never goes away

Usually I miss football in the summer months. But this year it never went away with the Euros 2012, now the pre-season friendlies and the Olympic football tournament it has been a full twelve months.

Would you spend 50 GBP on a football scarf? For the new season I've done just that. In 100 per cent knitted cashmere. Smooth, full length and in red, black and white. No more scratchy cheap scarfs for me. You can buy them online at Savile Rogue in every colour combination. Showed it off at work. It was a mixture of envy and baffled.

So what did this last week bring. Well football on my doorstep, over the road, that's in the previous post. Don't know if it is age or lack of exercise but I was glad to come home and sit down. Need the match fitness of standing to watch a full game.

Then we had the Great Britain warm up game on BBC1. Only watched about half of it, and that was mostly in awe of how good Brasil are. We all love Brasil, even their kit looks good.

Saturday, shook off a small hangover to visit to the newly opened National Football Museum in Manchester. It is a must see, something for every football fan, stuffed with signed shirts, cups and artwork. It was busy, and this was only a reconoiter, so a return is imminent. Maybe when the schools go back. A wet Monday morning when I'm not working and spend an hour or so catching what I missed. Free entry, free wi-fi and decent coffee. The place is a national treasure.

Still managed to squeeze in Le Tour De France. Tv in the garden, sun lounger in the shade and a thrilling finish on the cobbles of Paris. Like losts of people in Britain we've been following it more closely this year because of the success of Team Sky. It's a sport that lends itself to hot afternoons in mainland Europe when everything closes. Which is where I was for two weeks of it. Sat in the cool cottage kitchen with Eurosport in German language even though I was in Italy. All the technical terms are in French. The Eurosport app for the iPhone helped too. That's in English.

Now I'd never thought I'd live to see a Britisher take No.1 and No.2. Live long enough and you will see it all.

Pre-Season Look In

West Didsbury & Chorlton 1-6 Maine Road
Just as players get a run out for match fitness prior to August. Then so should a football fan. I can hear the players shouting and the peep of a whistle from the garden. It might be worth a shuftie. What is happening over the road. Why it is a friendly fixture of two North West Counties League teams. We're at level 9 and level 10 - the Premiership is 1. Maine Road are level 9, in the sky blue. Newcomers to level 10 are West Didsbury whom I've watched many times in the Manchester League. I think I even saw them in the Lancashire & Cheshire Amateur League but memory is hazy. The pyramid has deep roots and is at my doorstep.

Made my appearance for the second half. Maine Road scored after about 15 minutes. Is that 1-0, I asked. No it's 5-0 was the reply. Fortunately this is just a friendly and I'm sure West Didsbury can sort out their midfield tactics before the season starts.

Let's do the stats....Admission free, attendance estimated at 35. Let's do the cliches....there was a dog on a lead, the shouting on the pitch was done by the West Didsbury goalie called Ben. He always does it. Everyone was implored to "squeeze" during an attack, and try the "five yard squeeze". It means something but didn't dare ask.

Well I waited and watched buzzed by summer flies. Hung on wishing for a West Didsbury consolation goal and it came in a lovely overhead kick. Well I think it was. Got to get back into the concentration in watching live football, blink and you've missed it forever.

Highlight, and friendlies don't produce highlights, was seeing the ball knocked into a big clump of trees behind east side goal. Clump more like small forest with long grass. I always like the "can we have our ball back mister" feature of non-league. Sometimes I count the number of times a ball is lost and a new one is rolled out. I give up after about eight.

The new season has started it can only get better when it really starts kicking off. Video below on the YouTube. Turn off the music soundtrack, lovely edit cuts but it's not how I'll remember it.

Return to blogging ways

Fixtures United ManchesterIt's a long time since I posted anything. Just didn't feel about writing about my football watching anymore. Still like the match but sickened by everything that is attached to the modern Tv entertainment and corrupt officials.

But the Euro 2012 have been good, a steady diet of evening entertainment. Yes I know it is Tv tournament, but what else would I do in June.

In fact looking forward to the new season with all the optimism an old cynic can muster. Got some tickets for the Olympic football at Old Trafford to check out as well.

What I don't want to do is turn out like a lot of people I know who used to go football grounds with real footballers and a real crowd. Now content with the over analysed offering on the screen in the pub.

Whilst I can still afford it, and the health remains another season lies ahead, including the usually disappointing pre-season friendlies....

When a comeback feels good?

Chelsea 3-3 United
Premiership 2011/12; attendance 41,668

This was the comeback kings match. One down at the break, no worries. Two down soon after the start of the second half. Next goal will decide which way it will go. How wrong...Three down, resigned to a miserable afternoon. But to come back to 3-3 says something. Well no suicide defending like at the drubbing by City earlier in the season. But glad when the whistle went. For a team to surrender a three goal cushion it's as bad as a defeat. To pull off a draw it feels like a victory. But get real it's one point each and two points dropped.

Two pens all three points

United 2-0 Stoke City
Premiership 2011/12; attendance 74,719

A damn cold night at Old Trafford, they'll be a few empty seats tonight as people leave their season ticket on the table and settle for an Tv option. As expected Stoke came and parked the bus in front of goal leaving just Peter Crouch up front. We got two penalties and two penalty takers Chicharito at the far end shoots to his left. Berbatov at our end shoots to his right.

In the morning the transfer window gossip was spinning its web of rumours. Supposedly Paul Pogba was going to Juventus. Well he wasn't in Torino but on the bench. Came on, and played very well. What's all that about then?

Got home to watch the highlights. I do like watching the highlights 'cos it recalls what you've recently witnessed from a different angle. Oh I remember this bit is a phrase you find yourself repeating.

During the match the crowd got jolly about the latest news from Goodison Park. City were one nil down. There is only one Darren Gibson was the song that was sung. it made the night even better. You don't care about the cold when you win and the neighbours get beat.

What a disappointment

Liverpool 2-1 United
FA Cup 4th round; attendance 43,952

It looked to be going so well, then it looked like it was going to be draw. But dashed in the 88th minute. Turn the Tv off, find something else to do, that's this years FA Cup run over until January 2013.

Maybe if Rooney and Nani had been playing the game would have gone the other way. But who can say, you just get used to cup disappointments as you get older.

Looking forward to the league match against Liverpool in a month or so. No doubt Suarez will be booed for 90 minutes by the home supporters.

Chasing the title

Arsenal 1-2 United
Premiership 2011/12; attendance 60,093

This modern Tv football, it sure brings benefits to a big audience, it does what it does, you can watch match after match in the pub or in my case never leaving the big front room. Now when all the fixtures came on a Saturday you knew the standings in the league by 5 o'clock. But it is Sunday, City have just grabbed all three points against Spurs. Pressure on United to do the same at Arsenal.

Great match climaxing with the last ten minutes of tension as Arsenal piled on the pressure to equalise. You wonder why they didn't play like that in first half. Now the talking point afterwards was taking Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain being substituted for Arsenal. You can understand the Arsenal fans frustration these days, I work with one, lots of over-rated players who don't deliver. As a United fan glad they did take him off he put in a first rate performance.

All over, calm down now, tension lifts. Still second, still chasing City, more and more months of this, needing every point. Suppose it is better than mid-table plodding and no cups to play for which the lot of many clubs at the end of January.

Blustery Draw

Salford City 2-2 Bamber Bridge
Evostik First Division North; attendance 102
Salford City AFC
A trip to that other city, the one over River Irwell, by tram and bus to an historic old rugby ground for that community fandom of non-league football. The weather is showers and a bitter westerly wind. The choice is stay in and mooch about or brave the grey with some Saturday afternoon escapism.

Watch the first half sheltering in a small stand. There are a few away supporters in there, it's the dulcet tones of the Lancashire accent that give them away. They use the actress Jane Horrocks as voice over for Tesco because it promotes those values of honesty, thrift and no nonsense. Warm and reasurring like Ridley Scott's Hovis advert.....stop now we're at footie.

Both teams are middle of table, play goes on, evenly matched sides of youth and older players. Who is going to break the deadlock? Doesn't look like anyone so I wander around to the tea hut on the far side. No pies, no chips, don't do burgers or dogs, settle on crisps and a brew. Just as I'm sorting it all out Bridge go and score on 43 minutes. Manage to catch Salford's reply a minute later. Half time 1-1.

Sit in the big stand, exchange pleasantries with an old Salford supporter, scoff the crisps. Salford bag another goal, why it is Jamie Baguely who used to play for FC United. Bridge get a man sent off. Bloke two rows back does a line in "everytime ref, everytime!". He says it everytime there is an infringement by the visitors. "Everytime". Bridge equalise from a penalty, the rebound off the goalie, which is a disappointment. So the manager Rhodri Giggs, yes the younger brother, brings himself on to try and nick the winner. It doesn't happen and in injury time walk round to the exit gate for a quick getaway.

Salford City Programme

It is a lot easier to get here than when I first came a few years ago. Tram to the Shudehill Interchange, swop to the bus 100 metres away.

Admission £7; programme £1; raffle tickets £1; tea £1, crisps 60p; tram fare £2.80, bus fare £4.50.

Scholes breaks deadlock

United 3-0 Bolton Wanderers
Premiership 2011/12; attendance 75,444

Three o'clock on a Saturday and another club from the bottom of the league turns up. After the debacle of being beaten by Blackburn Rovers one expects Bolton might go for the three points as they really need them. Noticed for the first half they defended high up the pitch and it kept the chances on goal to a few. Only two things stand out - Rooney had his penalty effort saved, hit it to the left, goalie went to the left. Oh well we'll get a goal eventually. The best bit was Paul Scholes breaking the deadlock just before half time with a cool calculated finish. It was not until later watching the highlights that i appreciated how good it was. The crowd was well pleased, Scholes looked pleased, in fact pleased all round.

The regular half time break, took to reading a book on the iPhone, apart from hearing the scores from the other Premiership games it is a void period. Second half sealed the game, even a goal from Carrick to put the points safe.

Before we went in watched the trial of the security arrangements for the Olympics. The turnstiles for top tier at Stretford End had been selected. It takes sometime to get everyone through being frisked and you having to put all your pocket items in a clear plastic bag. Top tip, I won't be leaving it to the last minute when I come to Old Trafford in July for some of those matches.

Weather was just perfect for winter football. Cold, crisp and bright. We walked back in a jovial mood, unlike the last time we left.

Cup Rollercoaster Ride

Manchester City 2-3 United
FA Cup 3rd Round; attendance 46,808
What a clash. The pre-match week had Mancini talking it down with injuries, and missing players, and thank you Côte d'Ivoire  for those Touré brothers not being there. Flying off to the African Nations Cup. Then the Sunday morning surprise United have a new signing. Paul Scholes comes out of retirement to sit on the bench. Back in August I went to his farewell game against New York Cosmos, and if we'd said he'd be back for a cup tie derby and Owen Hargreaves would come on as a substitute for City then be shunned as some nutter to avoid.

Got the brunch eaten, just sit back and watch ITV who would be relishing their luck in broadcasting the tie of the round. If we can get to the fifteen minutes without conceding we can ease into the game and score eventually. Wasn't thinking this was going to be a win just wanting anything short of embarrassment.

What does anybody know? Your a goal up after your first attack, who scripted that. Komanay gets sent off, and at the time I was unsure about the ref's ruling. But if Nani had been caught by the studs showing tackle you'd be screaming for that red card. Danny Welbeck scores an absolute cracker, if only he couold do that every week. Loved the penalty, Rooney's blast is parried by the keeper, all the City fans throw there hands up cheering, he heads the rebound home, the fans drop their arms and shut up.

Second half underway and the commentators are talking about five or six nil. What does anyone know? Last ten minutes are a nerve wrecking hanging on to a slender 2-3 lead. Although it was great to win, and win against the favourites, and great to watch all the post match news coverage and highlights the underlying doubts remain. This is not a great United team and there isn't the money to match the wages power of City, Barcelona or Real Madrid. At least we get to see Paul Scholes a few more times, out of retirement to help his old club and steady the midfield.

Unfortunately it is Liverpool away in the next round. They are never pleasant enjoyable matches.

Not a good day

FC United 1-2 Stafford Rangers
Evostick Northern Premier; attendance 1,947

FC United programme
We're off to the match, three o'clock on a Saturday, three of us in a big car purring round the M60. We're buoyant, up for a good win after FC's run of good results including a 2-5 away victory at Bradford Park Avenue. We pass the Salford stadium which is having it first match Salford Reds v. Leigh Centurians in a friendly. Their car park is full. You need a car to get there. But enough of that I'll be sidetracked into the rant of charmless sports stadiums and the tie in with edge of town shopping malls.

We go to the Bury Social Club for a pint, the Tetley bitter is too chilled but it refreshes anyway. Discuss the architecural charms of the building. It doesn't have any.

All the optimism evaporates in the first half. Sloppy defending, 0-2 down at half time. In fact the second goal from a free kick was so sloppy I went outside for a tab before the half time whistle went. Hair drier treatment needed to get some spirit into our team.

Just when you think the game can turn it didn't. Incident involving an open goal, United player fouled. If luck was with you then Rangers should be down to ten men and you'd score a penalty. No, it was a yellow card and the penalty as saved.

Pulled one back, and prospect of a drawn game was the best viable option. Didn't happen. Went home bit frustrated by it all. Watched the Stafford fans piling on their coach it would be a nice journey home for them.